Our Team

Our team has many decades of combined experience helping potential students choose the program that is right for them.
Learn about their accomplishments and how they contribute to our success.

Raquel Benitez Rojas

After obtaining a Bachelor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and being a Doctorate candidate in Arts and Communications, Master at University of south Florida and seven audiovisual diplomas at Centro Insular de Cultura and three from various prestigious institutions, MBA at Universidad de Barcelona, Ms. Benitez Rojas worked in a variety of academic teaching and professional positions (Vice President of production, director, producer…)in the United States, Asia, Canada and Europe. Her strengths lie in her ability to conceive, create and develop audiovisual properties, preparing them for the international market. Expertise and a comprehensive knowledge of a specialized market enable Ms. Benítez Rojas to research viable properties and rights options.

Member of the Canadian Picture Pioneers, SGAE, ASIFA and EGEDA, among other international audiovisual organizations. Guest speaker in the most prestigious international Universities and schools. She has written software programs and books that are now considered to be the industry standard, and has worked on, directed and received accolades for many animated films. Ms. Benítez Rojas works as CEO of Comet Entertainment Inc, Toronto, Ontario Canada.


Carmen Llanos


With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, she has co-ordinated, produced and directed many international projects in film, television, print and on-line. She has been a technical director, creative director, executive producer, producer and director and has extensive experience in both feature films and television animation production.

Prior to joining Comet Entertainment, Carmen Llanos worked for several prestigious companies in the film industry, such as BRB International. She joined BRB International in 1995, during the production of “Historia de Canarias.” There she also co-ordinated and helped to produce a number of features and series, including “The New World of the Gnomes.”

Carmen has served as co-director of Ani.Mar Festival of Audio Visual Creation (Mallorca, Spain) and has appeared as a guest speaker at several colleges, both in North America and Europe. She has also been responsible for program creation and delivery at the University level.

Carmen is the recipient of numerous industry awards. Among her most prized awards are the best animated short, given by the SGAE, and the Juror’s prize which she won at the Festival Internacional de Cine de Peniscola.

Ms. Llanos has a Master’s Degree in Film and Television Production from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya as well as several related diplomas.

Jacqueline Harding

Jacqueline set up Tomorrow’s Child in 2005 (a specialised children and parenting film production & media research company) following a successful career as BBC education editor; government consultant; head teacher, and author of best selling books for children and adults. Internationally known as a leading digital media child development expert, and expert on childrens’ positive media experience, she has an extensive background of advising programme makers, web and interactive media designers how to match content to the needs of the developing child. Jacqueline has a Masters in Education and is studying for a PhD in Children and media. Tomorrow’s Child works with clients from across Europe and America to ensure that their media proposition for children is developmentally correct; engaging the young developing brain in the best way possible and offers an active experience.


Yonay Benítez Ramos


Yonay has been involved in the media industry since he was very young. Because of his passion for art and drawing he took several courses to learn about animation and web design. He also attended various conferences and festivals and it didn’t take him too long to realize that’s what he wanted to do for a living, and he begun to work in the industry. Starting as a designer he was able to learn the ropes of many areas of production, including video and audio post-production being able to learn and use several programs such as Flash, Toon Boom, Final Cut, After Effects…. With more than 10 years working in the industry, Yonay has an extensive knowledge of the production process and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience. Yonay is currently a teacher and administrator at the IMA Institute and also working on the creation and development of the videogame Paul the Whale, for Huge Dog Media.

Adrián Rivero Pérez

Once he finished his Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Universidad de Zaragoza, Adrian Rivero decided to change his focus into VideoGame Development and Design. To do so, he finished a Master thesis at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid where he started an indie Game with his colleagues (Astron, under development). When this was done, he started working as a Game Designer in VDK Capital, an animation company where he had already worked as an intern during the previous master. In VDK, Adrian worked in two titles for mobile platforms: Bugsted: Back to the Moon and Kick’Os.

Rivero is a creative, charismatic person used to teamwork. He has the ability to conceptualize and create various game designs with different market needs that prove to be fun for the players.

Currently, Adrian is working at Singular Social Games in Las Palmas as Game Designer. At the same time he is supervising the development of a mobile game by Huge Dog Media in collaboration with BlazingSoft, where he shares his knowledge in game design. Last, but not least, Adrian is also working for the IMA Institute since he will be teaching the Game Development courses in the late 2014.


Luis Lodos


Picture and sound engineer. He has worked on various film productions, documentary and animation as a writer, director and post-producer. He has experience teaching at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Finally, he has made an independent feature film and is currently developing several film projects.