3D Animation


We offer a set of top-notch programs that provide comprehensive training in 3D using Autodesk’s software, Maya, the industry standard for animation.


Over the past several decades, 3D animation has evolved from an emerging field in film, animation, and game design to becoming a major focus across the entertainment industry and beyond. Be it the immersive environs of James Cameron’s Avatar, feature length films pioneered by Pixar’s Toy Story and recent releases like Rango, or in record-breaking video games like Bioshock and Halo 4, 3D animation is everywhere these days. IMA Institute is an ideal starting point for animators looking to break into the field. Not only are students taught to realize their characters and stories on the industry standard high-end Maya 3-D computer program, but they will also learn the full field of skills required to be a successful 3-D animator, including story writing, directing, cinematography, editing, and lighting.